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About Us

Jim Gunderson, PhD

Years of experience: 30
Position: CEO and Cognitive Systems Architect
Before joining GunderFish, Jim worked for several robotics and Artificial Intelligence companies. He brings a wealth of experience to the development of useful AI systems.

We put an AI agent to work, handling tasks that used to drive our people crazy. Not only did we save a full FTE, but we cut over $30,000 a year from our out-sourcing costs. We like our new 'employee'!

A. Customer


TO provide you with Artificial Intelligence tools that make your Business better.

We strive to design agents that make it easier for our customers to stay on top of an increasingly demanding world. With every new device and service more and more attention is being spent simply managing technology. We believe that Technology should be manged by Technology.  Hire an AI Agent today!

Louise Gunderson, PhD

Years of experience: 30
Position: CTO and Predictive Analytics Engineer
With multiple degrees in fields ranging from Biology to Systems Engineering, Louise brings an impressive array of skills to bear on our client's problems. She integrates a broad understanding of complex data analysis modeling tools with a strong ability to cut to the core of the underlying models that make up successful data analysis tools.