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Intelligent Business Agents - What is in it for your business?

Business is driven by two main components: increase revenues and decrease costs. If a business doesn't do these things, its competitors will. And those competitors will offer better deals (decrease costs) on equivalent products and services, and sell more stuff (increase revenue).

Let's face it, if you can take a cab to the restaurant for $35, but a ride share will get you there for $20, who ya gonna call? How do they do that? Easy, the drivers for the cab company expect wages, benefits, and a company car. The ride-share driver is a contractor, she supplies her own tools (the car), sets her own hours, gets no unemployment, no health care, no nothing. It is far cheaper (decrease costs) for the ride-share company. All they need is a spiffy website and a payment system.

Now let's look at the impact of AI on the equation – all the large ride-share companies are investing in AI and self-driving cars. Why? The single biggest cost to running the service is paying those pesky people. Replace a driver making minimum wage (say $4.00 a trip) with a machine you can amortize over a million rides (say $1 a trip) and all that extra money goes into profits. According to an article in Fortune, in October of 2016, Uber paid its drivers between 1.5 and 2.0 BILLION Dollars a month. That will buy a lot of self driving cars, with cash to spare. 

How does this apply to your business?

Whether it is a call center, a receptionist, or a data entry person, most businesses are hiring people to do tasks that are dull, boring, and routine.  And often, these tasks are also 'mission critical.'  In many cases an intelligent business agent can be crafted that will do the job more quickly, at lower cost, and with fewer errors than a disengaged employee.  Get in touch to see if you have a opportunitiy to put an agent to work!

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